About PB and Jack

About PB & Jack

The idea behind PB & Jack is to create a go-to indoor grow room for parents with young children, where both parents and their children can find enjoyment, enrichment and satisfaction.

The place I envision features an indoor grow room where a young child can run and play and meet new friends, while adults can deal with exotic plant species. Kids can enter a class or participate in a story time, and have healthy food options too! At the same time, her parent can still feel like an adult.

Mom or dad can sit in the adjoining coffee shop knowing her child is supervised by our staff. She can catch up on her e-mail, finish a work project or just relax and have coffee with a friend in a wonderful organic garden surrounding.

I hope PB & Jack will be a place to meet other parents to share strains and growing experiences with, and a heaven for parents to get restored on tough days without bud. I want PB & Jack to offer support to new growers, especially parents and moms suffering from post-partum depression, and families of children with disabilities. But most of all, I dream of PB & Jack as a fun place to hang out for both parents and kids and a great place to grow plants indoors.

About myself

Welcome to PBandJack.com. My name is Jack and I’m one part of this two man company. Officially you could say I’m the owner of PBandJack.com. My earlier life I was working religiously every day in an indoor production manufacturing facility. Well all those man hours took a hit. After a few years of labor I decided to make perhaps the most significant choice of my young life.

I decided to study horticulture and gained a newfound respect for the positive impacts of human connection with plants. Sciences aside, the benefits of working with plants seems to have a therapeutic effect, which may be helpful in strengthening bonds, especially in families. This idea I have been feeling my whole life, and is the inspiration for the new PB & Jack.

The advances in technology have been exciting. With automatic crop cycling being done already now, it’s intriguing to think about what the next 100 years will look like.

We at PB & Jack hope to help educate our students on the innovative plant sciences that our future holds, all while keeping the experience fun, healthy and positive.

I originally moved to Fairfax around the year 2000, and quickly became involved with the hydroponic and indoor gardening community.

Since my background is in horticulture, I believe that PB & Jack is the best place to funnel my knowledge and creativity – in an indoor garden.

I hope PB & Jack will be a place where parents and children alike feel at home, and where everyone feels like they have a say in what we have to offer. I love getting feedback and hearing about new ideas, so if you have thoughts you’d like to share with me, please e-mail me at info@pbandjack.com!

Thanks for visiting PB & Jack online, and I hope to meet you in person soon.

The New PB & JACK

We at PB & Jack are proud to start offering our service to the Fairfax community.


Hi there! I'm Jack Abbot, owner of PBandJack.com
We started the new PB & Jack to provide a fun place for kids, adults and plants to grow together. I can guarantee that you will enjoy our indoor grow room center. When we're open bring your whole family down for a fun time.

Jack Abbott, Owner PBandJack.com - VA, USA

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